At MEALpyramid, our philosophy lies heavily in the simplicity and practicality of incorporating healthy eating habits that are based on whole, real foods into someone’s existing lifestyle. We strongly believe that our clients eat and train rather than diet and exercise. To eat is a necessity, however to eat intelligently is a science.

Kinita Kadakia Patel

Kinita Kadakia Patel is one of India’s leading nutritionists and a winner of various nutrition awards, Kinita is voted as one the best in the country. She specializes in sport-specific diets along with weight management. Kinita has established a leading nutrition centre called ‘MEALpyramid’ and has a few branches in Mumbai. Her centre focuses on Sports Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Kids Nutrition and Therapeutic diets. 

She is the official Sports Nutritionist for the Mumbai Indians team of the Indian Premier League. In addition to various other affiliations, recognitions and awards, Kinita was awarded the “Best Nutritionist of the Year”, by Vogue. 

Kinita is an external expert consultant for GSK Human Performance Lab & is also the first Indian global representative for Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sports (PINES). 

She also heads the Nutrition Department at the Exercise Science Academy by ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine]. She is the author of the book “The Athlete in You”, published in 2016.

Most recently Kinita was nominated as a Jury member for the second edition of the TIMES She UnLTD Entrepreneur Awards 2020.

She holds a graduate & post-graduate degree (MSc.) in Dietetics with research in Sports Nutrition. Besides this, she has further qualifications from globally reputed institutes like: The Oxford College (London), Sports Dietetics Association (Australia), International Sports Science Association (USA) and MS University (India).


Sports Nutritionist for the Mumbai Indians IPL Team

Kinita has been the Nutritionist of the Mumbai Indians IPL Team from the start and been an integral part of the most successful team in the league's history with five IPL titles to their name.

Global representative for PINES

Kinita is the only Global Representative for PINES in India. Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (PINES) is a leading global organization of qualified nutrition and exercise professionals who strive for excellence in sports nutrition in order to achieve optimal support for performance, health and injury prevention for active and athletic individuals worldwide.

Expert consultant for GSK Human Performance Lab

As an Expert Panel Members of the GSK Human Performance Lab (GSK HPL) she provides academic and applied expertise, guidance, insight and practical information to GSK programmes supporting content development to become the place to go for Experts supporting health and sports performance. Her mission as Expert Panel is to provide scientific information to support their learning and practice.

Exercise Science Academy by ACSM

Kinita heads the Nutrition Department at the Exercise Science Academy by ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine] She is the core faculty and organizer for the yearly Summit of ESA-Fit & Nutri-ESA [an evidence-based conference associated with ACSM].

Best Nutritionist of the Year

Kinita was awarded the “Best Nutritionist of the Year”, by Vogue.


My nutrition beliefs revolve around the thought that food and eating should be an enjoyable experience, not something to be feared. The goal is to shed light on the many myths and lies that are continuously circulating around nutrition and to help my clients and start eating to support REAL health for life. My focus is the restoration of excellent metabolic function by helping you break free from restrictive diets, achieve balanced hormonal health, vibrant energy, and natural weight management, achieving a life of health without the stress, worry and guilt of what to eat. It’s time to start honouring your body. Trust yourself, trust the process and believe that you can succeed. Stop believing the lies and start respecting what your body has and can do for you. Will you join me in this journey?


Kinita has established a leading nutrition centre called ‘MEALpyramid’ and has a few branches in Mumbai. Her centre focuses on Sports Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Kids Nutrition and Therapeutic diets. 

At MEALpyramid, Nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel and her team, aims to make sense out of healthy food. She believes when we understand food and all its hidden functions; it helps us make an informed choice towards eating healthier. 

Through structured sessions, progressive learning, customised programmes and on-going support, you will have the tools to take charge of your health and successfully achieve your goals. Your self-awareness will greatly improve, as will your knowledge of food, nutrition and exercise, as it applies to you.

  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Body Transformation Expert
  • Health Management Specialist

For more details, visit: www.mealpyramid.com

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The Athlete in You

Kinita is the author of the book “The Athlete in You”, published in 2016.

A guide to eating, playing and performing Like an athlete

This book is all about a single word: the athlete. We all are athletes in our own spaces, living and fighting to achieve the best for ourselves. But what we need is to compete with our lifestyles and focus on becoming a fitter, healthier and more athletic individual. Let’s understand what an athlete is and how you can become one.


Kinita’s narration of how to take charge of your health and live not just a fit life but a happy one as well! The book talks about how to take charge of one’s life and utilize it properly. A diet plan may help you lose weight; a gym routine may help you with a great-looking physique but that does not necessarily translate into a stronger, healthier you. In fact, you may not even need the gym; you can pick a sport you enjoy, even something as simple as running. Take charge of your health and achieve your fitness goals in a way that improves not just the way you look, but also your performance and quality of life just like an athlete! This book will help you eat, exercise, think, look and most importantly, perform like an athlete. There is an athlete in all of us, and it is time to bring that athlete out.


  • Must read for anyone who wishes to understand the importance of good balanced nutrition and how it can improve overall health
  • Provides simple yet effective methods to improve daily diet 
  • Explains how to get nutrition without compromising existing lifestyle 
  • Ideal for fitness enthusiasts

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Praise for the author

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a scrapbook, with its photographs and mementos, is worth many many more...

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Kinita and her team conduct workshops for various organizations, schools, colleges, hospitals and corporates, to spread awareness about nutrition and health management.

These are 30 to 60 min webinars that include a talk followed by a Q&A session. She also specialises in providing advanced level nutrition consultation for sports teams. WHATEVER YOUR SPORT, Kinita has got you covered!


Kinita connects with the audience, as evident through her conversational style in her books, and her ability to demystify nutrition and exercise has made her one of the most sought-after speakers in her field. From hour-long talks to full day sessions, she has conducted workshops in India and abroad for corporates, clubs, government bodies, fundraisers, Indian embassies, police force, sports camps, schools and colleges.


Athletic performance pushes the body to the limit. Hence, adequate, appropriate and timely nutrition is extremely important for an athlete. With inadequate macronutrients and micronutrients, endurance and strength of an athlete is affected thus affecting performance Appropriate nutrition planned by a sports and fitness nutrition specialist will also help in maintaining an ideal body composition. Process objectives of the nutritional intervention:

  • To provide appropriate individualized recommendations that will address each athletes’ goals 
  • Factors such as training, competition and travel demands, socio-demographic considerations, medications and supplements, and food preferences will be taken into account.
  • To monitor progress and to re-evaluate interventions.

Write to us for workshops, webinar, guest speaker, expert panellist, team management, etc…

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Kinita's Pantry

Food brands she loves, Enjoys & Recommends!

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Health Factory Protein Bread

Bread just got healthy! It doesn’t only taste great but is high on nutrition.

Nutty Gritties

Their sports mix and kalmi dates are simply outstanding. If you are looking for something healthy, guilt-free and tasty to snack on. Look no further.

Get-A-Whey Ice-Cream

Healthy high protein ice cream with no compromises on taste.

Kefir Culture

Their Ginger’Ade (Probiotic Kefir Lemonade) is simple amazing. It is packed with probiotics to improve long-term digestive. A perfect value add to any diet!

Unit Nutrition

A 10-second carb-rinse that produces instant energy by activating the brain. The Peach Mango Carb-Rinse is yummy.

Mummy Co.

My daughter loves their “Punchy Protein Puffs – Cheesy Cheese”. It’s packed with potassium, full of fibre, vitamins & superfoods.


Spinach-ey green dosas. A scrumptious savoury snack for everyone!

Naturally Yours

TheirQuinoa noodles is an excellent source of plant-based proteins, Easy to digest due to the presence of dietary fiber and helps to build immunity and controls blood sugar.

Healthy Belly

Healthy In My Belly! Handmade & Gluten-Free Tortilla WrapsA great roti substitute. Personally, I like their “Lentil Spinach Parsley Wrap”


The best Herbal Sugar free Chyawanprash.

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Kinita Kadakia Patel

1st Floor, Anuradha Satyamorthy Building,
#16 Vithal Nagar Society, 11th Road,
Juhu Scheme, Mumbai 400049, India.

For Business Enquiries:
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To join our nutrition programme, visit: www.mealpyramid.com
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